About us

Learn more about who makes the blog where everything happens….

The blog o largo. was born on 05 August 2017, still as Largo do Beco

Today, o largo . assumes itself as a generalist news project focused on, but not limited to, information about culture, media and entertainment, bringing to the reader, not only the major events at national level, but also regional and local events, disclosing them in an impartial and professional way

The editorial staff produces its contents organized by thematic channels always within the olargo.pt domain

  • Informadouro is the regional information channel, presenting news from north to south of the country.
  • The digital radio o largo. rádio, produced by the editorial staff and 100% owned by Torontocast LLC, presents a programming grid with daily suggestions, interviews and DJ sets
  • Emprego & Empreendedorismo (E&E) is dedicated to information on employment initiatives, personal development and entrepreneurship, including a search engine for opportunities, marking its digital presence through Facebook and, soon, with a search site