Site Espalha-Factos closes at the end of the year

Blog ends after seventeen years.

The website dedicated to culture and entertainment Espalha-Factos(EF) will close its activity as a media on 31 December. The information was given by founder Pedro Miguel Coelho in a statement published this Wednesday

The decision was taken in a team meeting this Tuesday and is related to personal reasons of the several members: “In 2022, as a consequence of many changes in the lives of the people who have made this editorial project move forward, always in a voluntary way and without associated remuneration, we felt that we were no longer in our best shape and we understood that, for the commitment that we have with our readers and with the history that we built together, we should close this chapter with joy, maintaining our qualities and our energy until the last minute”

Staying active until the end of the year, Coelho stresses that the editorial project has always been guided by “commitment, rigour and professionalism” throughout the seventeen years, recalling that the teams were always young people “taking their first steps in journalism”: “Throughout almost two decades, we have come close to a thousand authors who have signed so much work here. Along the way, we were read, seen and heard by millions of people, all those throughout the world who could understand Portuguese”, he recalls

Espalha-Factos began in 2005 as a show on Rádio Boa Nova, from Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal. In 2009, it was launched as a blog, maintaining a regular publication of audio contents until 2013. In 2020, EF gains a new structure and focuses on television and cinema themes. Still in 2020, it returns to its origins, launching its first podcast dedicated to the Festival RTP da Canção

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