To inform our readers.

Over these five years, former and current members of the team that makes o largo. and all its blogs have always worked with one main goal: to inform

At the same time, we have kept an open mind, learning from our mistakes and failures. That is one of the moments

We have always had an attitude of respect for copyrights, using, for example, free-use photographs or for public dissemination or using properly licensed platforms.

However, we made a mistake

For the second time in 2022, we re faced with a request regarding the misuse of an image used in an article on our blog. Both situations were solved, but in any case, in a project that is read by hundreds of people every day, it cannot happen

Since the beginning, with a team that never exceeded six people, more than two thousand articles have been published and we have more than three thousand images on file. It’s our wish that this information continues to be available. However, these two requests have caused us to start an exhaustive audit process to all articles published in the channels o largo: o largo. , Informadouro and Emprego & Empreendedorismo. Thus, the entire archive from 2017 until December 2021 on these channels is temporarily unavailable. Articles published since January 2022 will also be subject to revision.

We cannot give a timeframe for the archive to return, but we will republish the articles gradually, as soon as it is verified that none of the content infringes any kind of copyright

After the audit, additional measures will be implemented so that this type of situation does not happen again. These measures will be explained in the Style Book that the project is preparing and that will be launched during 2023

We understand that these situations are internal to the project, but we want to have total transparency with our readers. This editorial project is developed by a small but motivated team, creating content in three languages. We make mistakes, but we want to correct and learn, continuing to create informative content for all

The editorial staff of o largo

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