Bolsonaro says he doesn’t speak ‘Spanish or Portuñol’ to Portuguese journalist

Pedro Sá Guerra, RTP correspondent in Brazil, asked the current Brazilian president a question at a press conference after the debate on the electoral campaign in the country

It was supposed to be a simple press conference. However, it quickly became a rally. The latest head-to-head between Jair Bolsonaro and Lula da Silva, candidates in the second round of the elections to the presidency of Brazil, which took place on Friday night to Saturday, will not have gone well to the current president. In the post-debate press conference, he was irritated with journalists and did not comply with the rules imposed by Rede Globo. The conference was also marked by a (non-)response to an RTP journalist.

“You will repeat and I will continue not understanding!” – Bolsonaro

The question from Pedro Sá Guerra, correspondent for Portuguese public television, was about Brazilian foreign policy, a somewhat difficult topic for Bolsonaro: “You spoke here that you have maintained a good relationship with the international community, but the fact is that few are the presidents of the international community, and especially of Europe, who have referred to Brazil. And when they refer to Brazil, they refer to the result of these elections with enormous concern. I would like to know what you think”, Guerra asked.

Bolsonaro went on the attack

Bolsonaro: I didn’t understand what you said….
Guerra: You didn’t understand?
Bolsonaro: If I understood…
Guerra: If you want, I’ll repeat it.
Bolsonaro: You’ll repeat it and I will continue not understanding, ok? I don’t speak Spanish or Portuñol .
Guerra: I don’t speak Portuñol!
Bolsonaro: Excuse me here, but I don’t speak it!

But Bolsonaro would eventually answer the question, albeit indirectly, alluding to the bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden and the connection with other countries: “The Arab world speaks to me”, he assures.

The press conference ended with Bolsonaro leaving the pulpit, after a question from a journalist from the newspaper A Folha de São Paulo about a fake news story quoted by the candidate during the debate: “Do you have the morals to call me a liar?”, he told the journalist, before withdrawing the pulpit.

Bolsonaro’s relationship with the press has always been rather tortuous, openly criticising the media and journalists when news is not favourable to him and preferring to use social networks and social media that are closer to the current government. The second round of the presidential election takes place this Sunday.

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