Lavradores de Feitoria

Trio of Lavradores de Feitoria wines enters the summer with a refresh of the labels

Colheita 2021 of Red, White and Rosé vintages are the first to present the upgrade

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Without losing the Douro identity expressed in the blend of indigenous grape varieties planted at the various Lavradores de Feitoria estates, the trio of wines with the same name from the Douro company arrives in summer with a new label.

“It wasn’t a bold change” admits the company, adding that it opted for an upgrade in the paper and the texture of the lines surrounding the Douro river, which gained distinctive shapes on the three references, united in different shapes when put together.

The Lavradores de Feitoria logo has also gained a new prominence “as an umbrella brand, on this and future new labels – and wines”, explains the Douro company.

Light, fresh and fruity wines, produced from the youngest vines and aged in stainless steel, they are uncomplicated, ideal for everyday consumption, on their own or accompanying casual meals.

In the ‘Lavradores de Feitoria 2021′, freshness and acidity are sought after, achieved with grapes planted in plots of higher elevations, where Malvasia Fina, Gouveio and Síria are a constant. Its colour is lemon straw and its nose is very fresh, aromatic, elegant and fruity. It presents notes of dried fruit, such as pear, pineapple and tropical fruit. In the mouth, it is fresh and fruity. It has good acidity and minerality, supported by notes of apricot and ripe citrus. It is a very vibrant wine with a well-balanced finish. This white can be served as an aperitif, on its own or at the table. It is an ideal wine for summer days when you feel like a light and fresh meal, as it goes perfectly with salads, cold soups, lean fish, seafood, white meat and pasta with white sauce.

The ‘Lavradores de Feitoria rosé 2021’ is a wine with fruity notes, but dry in the mouth. It is an assumedly gastronomic rosé, made mainly from Touriga Franca, in a blend with other varieties. With a lily pink colour, this rosé is elegant, harmonious and quite fruity. On the nose, it presents strawberry-type fruit with fresh apricot nuances. In the mouth it is a light and fresh rosé, elegant and very fruity. It has a pleasant taste of wild berries, such as raspberry, apricot and cherry. Ideal with pizza, tapas, white meats and pasta with white sauce.

And because there are dishes that require a fresh and smooth red wine, the ‘Lavradores de Feitoria red 2021’ is an excellent option. This is a red wine that celebrates the union of the Douro’s most iconic red grape varieties – Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Touriga Nacional – and where fruit is king. Bright red in colour, it has an exuberant, clean and very fruity nose, showing the ripe fruit typical of Douro wines. The presence of blackberry and black plum can be noted. In the mouth it is a fresh, fruity, smooth and very elegant wine. Its acidity is balanced with soft and velvety tannins. Full of fruit, it has a fine and vibrant finish. This is a wine to drink at the table, among friends and family, and goes well with starters, tapas, pasta, meat and game dishes.

The three references are available from north to south and islands in super and hypermarkets with a retail price of ¤5.89. The white and red are available in a 2-litre bag-in-box, worth €9.49.

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