Judite de Sousa leaves CNN Portugal

Information was provided by herself on social networks. Media Capital says it had no knowledge of the termination of contract
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She was the face of the start-up of the Media Capital group’s news channel. But now she is leaving the station. Judite de Sousa terminated the contract that linked her to CNN Portugal

It was she herself who announced the exit of the channel through her page on the social network Instagram, responding to a follower who had rescinded “a month and a half ago”. Several media outlets also quote another comment from Sousa, which notes that her contract was “on green receipts”. The blog Espalha Factos says that the journalist’s departure was due to “disagreements” with the channel’s management and the editorial team of the “Jornal da CNN” programme, where she was an alternating anchor with Júlio Magalhães

Judite de Sousa was chosen by the (at the time) general director of the station Nuno Santos to inaugurate the station that replaced TVI24. It was the journalist’s return to television, after leaving TVI in 2019. Sousa was also a columnist on CNN Portugal‘s website, and the last article under the “Notas Soltas” heading was published on 13 July

“We had no knowledge” of the termination of the contract – Nuno Santos

The reaction of the Media Capital group happened this morning. The information director of TVI and CNN Portugal Nuno Santos appeared on the screens of “the fourth channel, during the program “Dois às 10”, for an announcement

Saying he had an “obligation to defend” the team and denying some of the information that had been made public, Santos said that Judite de Sousa’s departure “makes us very sad”, but he specified that the company had no knowledge that the journalist had denounced the contract: “For us, this was news because that is not the information we have here“. The information director said that the journalist “has a contract for services with TVI and CNN Portugal and is on sick leave at her request until 11 August”

Another of Nuno Santos’ communication objectives was to deny information published on Tuesday by Correio da Manhã and CMTV about Judite de Sousa’s working conditions. According to the two Cofina group media outlets, the journalist had been sent to Ukraine without insurance, without working conditions and without access to money, and had even borrowed money from an image reporter. Nuno Santos said that his board would not allow “untruths, lies about what is happening to be told in public” and described the situation as “unthinkable”: “Judite chose the team she wanted to work with and we gave her all the support she needed. If there is any circumstance that can be pointed out to us, it was that we had excessive support, in contrast with other products“. In addition, he considered that CM ‘s television station has “scores to settle with us”

“Judite’s career, what she has done in this ‘house’, deserves a lot of appreciation from us,” he stressed

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