MEO announces (again) the withdrawal three channels from grid

Initially scheduled for June 30, operator gives new dates for changes to TV offer

This article was published at least 7 months ago. Content may be out of date

After having announced the grid withdrawal of Channel 1 Russia, SyFy and E! Entertainment last May and nothings happen, MEO announced again the withdrawal of this three channels, but now on different dates.

Initially, the change was scheduled for June 30. Now, in an information published this Thursday on its website, Altice Portugal ‘s brand for the residential segment clarifies that Channel 1 Russia will be the first to leave the offer as of 31 July. E! Entertainment and SyFy will leave the operator as of 30 September

Of the changes announced last May, only Jim Jam, CBS Reality and the “España TV” channel pack have left the operator.

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