Euronews website fails ‘basic journalistic standards’, says NewsGuard

Unidentified advertising is one of the reasons for the allegation

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The NewsGuard platform has downgraded Euronews ‘ website from green to red this Thursday, stating that the station fails to follow “basic rules of journalism”

Along the note only accessible to subscribers of the service, the company considers that the website of the pan-European news channel does not differentiate advertising content from editorial content and does not provide information on the constitution of the editorial team or the management of Euronews, disregarding “basic journalistic norms”

“Positive coverage about the Emirates through unidentified paid content” – NewsGuard

NewsGuard’s analysis relies only on the English version of the Euronews website. While stressing that the articles published on the site are “typically fact-based and well-sourced”, the US company says it found “many featured articles and videos” throughout the site that are “paid content produced by Euronews journalists for a Dubai-based government agency. These articles and videos typically promote the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without disclosing that they were paid for.”

NewsGuard says a Euronews representative , who requested anonymity, indicated that the channel produces content described as “sponsored editorial programming” that “typically presents the UAE as a thriving business and tourism destination”, focusing on subjects such as lifestyle, culture or entrepreneurship. This content is produced separately from news coverage, ensuring editorial freedom. However, NewsGuard considers that the indication that the topic covered is paid content is unclear, not least because the videos “only include the words “Thanks to Dubai” at the end, and are presented as editorial content. There is no identification of Dubai’s involvement unless the video is viewed in its entirety,” the platform adds

Another issue highlighted is a lack of transparency, with the station’s fact sheet or a way to directly contact editorial teams or reporters not available. In its defence, the station claims that the information “does not seem to be very useful” for readers

NewsGuard is a subscription-based service offering information on the reliability and credibility of news sites and media organisations. Currently only available in English, German, French and Italian, the service provides information on over 7,000 websites, with analyses made by a team of journalists using nine criteria. Euronews is a pan-European news channel. Launched in 1993, the channel has editions in nine languages and journalists of thirty nationalities

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